Best Health and Beauty Tips

Best Health and Beauty Tips for Healthy Skin As the outer and the biggest organs, skin is very susceptible to get contaminated by dirt, bacteria, and other microorganisms. That is why, it is important to keep the health of skin. Even though each person has their own different definition of healthy skin, but generally healthy skin is marked by smooth and soft skin textures. Healthy skin will also make you more comfortable. For you who want to have a healthy skin, here are best health and beauty tips for healthy skin.
Best Health and Beauty Tips


Best Health and Beauty Tips

Do Not Smoke

The simple beauty tips and secrets is by not damaging the skin. And smoking is one of many things that can damage skin, because it is able to speed up the aging process. Smoking is able to break collagens, which can decrease the elasticity of skin and also damaging skin cells because of the toxics from tobacco.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol

The next beauty tips for healthy skin is avoid consuming alcohol. Besides smoking, consuming alcohol is also bad for skin. Consuming alcohol can make body and skin dehydrated, which can make skin looks tired and old. Here are several bad impacts of alcohol for skin:

· Alcohol can damage liver, which plays a role of getting rid of toxic from body, including alcohol. So that when liver is damaged, the toxic will be accumulated in the body. This can be seen from the skin which is looked unhealthy and dull.

· Both smoking and consuming alcohol can make the production of collagen decreased. Collagen plays a role in keeping the firmness of skin. So that if body is lack of collage, it will make skin regeneration becomes not optimal. As a result, smooth wrinkles will quickly appear in skin.

· Alcohol can widen blood vessels, which is especially more easily visible in the area around eyes. As a result, the skin will get redness and swelling in the eyelid area.

· Some specific researches show that alcohol is able to create hormonal instability, so that it makes the oil production increased. This is the reason why acnes are often appeared in skin.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is always included in top 10 beauty tips to get healthy skin. Lack of sleep is able to make skin looks tired, dull, and older. Moreover, the more often a person does not get enough sleep, the higher the risk of getting black eye bags under the eyes.

Consume Healthy and Nutritional Foods

Consuming healthy and nutritional foods is natural health and beauty tips which is helpful in keeping the health of skin. A lot of studies found that healthy and nutritional foods such as fruits and vegetables are able to make skin looks healthier and younger.

Control the Stress

Stress is able to stimulate adrenal glands to produce cortisol, which is main stress hormones that involved in the production of oily fat from sebaceous glands. This too much amount of oily fat can block skin pores which is the main cause of acne appearance in skin. So that for you who do not want to get acnes in skin, apply this best beauty tips for face.

Protect Skin from Sunlight Exposure

Protect your skin from sunlight exposure in order to keep the health of your skin, especially when the sun is at its highest intensity. But if you must do your activity when the sun is extremely shining, you are suggested to do these things:

· Wearing protective clothing, such as longsleeve clothes, long pants, and hats.

· Apply sunscreen with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) which is more than 15. Apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before you do your activity under the sunlight.

Wash Face and Use Moisturizer Routinely

Before you keep the health of your skin, you have to love your skin first. These are some beauty expert tips for loving your skin:

· Routinely clean your skin. This is the important part of skincare to get rid of bacteria and dirt. Clean your face smoothly and do not forget to use warm water.

· If you have dry skin, you cannot miss applying moisturizer for your skin. Use moisturizer which contains SPF for your face in order to give protection from sunlight exposure. Use hand and body lotion to moisture your body, hands, and legs skin. Moisturizer is still needed for people with oily skin. Choose moisturizer which is suitable for oily skin.

Natural Beauty Without Make Up

Make up is surely beneficial to make women looks even more beautiful. But there are also women who do not really like to put make up on, so they want to look naturally beautiful without make up. For you who feel the same, here are beauty tips and tricks at home by using fruits for getting natural beauty without make up.

· Lemon

If the problem of your face is acne, then the most suitable fruit to overcome your acne is lemon. Lemon contains anti-bacterial substances which are very beneficial to handle acnes. You can also use lemon to get rid of dry skin in your heel, elbow, or knee by rubbing it to the dry skin area. To figure out whether you are allergic to lemon or not, you can check it by rubbing a little bit of lemon juice behind your ear.

· Carrot

Carotene substance contained in carrot is not only beneficial for the health of eyes, but also for the health of skin face. It is able to naturally brighten skin face. If you want to apply this fashion and beauty tips, you just have to peel and grate carrot, then saturate it a few moments until the water and the dregs are separated. Next, apply the carrot dregs to your face and leave it for about 20 minutes, then wash your face with warm water. Do this carrot skincare once a week to get fresher skin face.

· Strawberry

Strawberry contains salicylic acid which is really good for skin. This fruit is able to brighten skin and get rid of dullness. Strawberry also contains antioxidant which can help fixing skin damages because often getting exposed to pollution. This fruit is also able to be made as face mask by making it as a paste. The strawberry mask is beneficial to shrink pores in face and brighten the skin, so that making the skin looks naturally beautiful.

· Grapes

Even though this fruit is small, but the benefits for skin are amazing. Grapes are able to prevent wrinkles and also has another function as natural anti-aging. The seeds are also beneficial to increase the skin elasticity because the seeds contain high antioxidant. Grapes can also protect your skin from the dangers of UV.

· Papaya

This fruit is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and also antioxidant. Papaya also contains enzyme papain which is really beneficial to get rid of dead skin. Moreover, this fruit is also helpful in getting rid of black spots.

· Avocado

Avocado contains a lot of Vitamin E which is good for making skin smoother and more elastic. This fruit can be your natural moisturizer. You can use avocado as mask by mashing it to paste, and apply it to your face. Leave it for a while until the avocado mask dries, then wash your face with warm water until clean. This is the last best health and beauty tips