Best electric shaver under 100

best electric shaver under 100

10 Best electric shaver under 100 for Men 2021 The Best electric shaver for teenager in the market is indeed not easy to decide. Of course, the customers may have their own criteria and preferences how a shaver can be considered the best. Many brands along with their series are provided out there anyway. If you are confused which one to be chosen, here is the list of 10 best electric shavers from best electric razors for men reviews. Check them out.

Best electric shaver under 100

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Best electric shaver under 100

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Braun is indeed a brand from Germany widely used by the men all around the world for its quality. Meanwhile, it is also known for them who think deeply about their daily appearances. One of the Braun electric shavers is the 3 ProSkin 3010s Wet & Dry. The design is quite simple and compact but the performance is just great. This shaver only works once so that you don’t need to repeat it on the same area. For you who don’t want to spend so much time just for shaver, this one is just recommended for you.

There are some features available in this series. One of them is a cover for the knife so that it becomes more hygienic. The knife is undeniably really sharp. But you should not worry since it is really safe for your skin. Not only is the razor for a wet condition, but also it works well when your face is dry.

Panasonic Shaver ES-534

If you look for a shaver with affordable price, this one is a good answer. The product is from Japan and it is indeed more recommended for Asian people. Yes, the knife is designed for the structure of Asian skin. But it doesn’t mean that other people cannot use that. In fact, the razor works well even on white and black people without giving any further problems.

More than that, Panasonic Shaver ES-534 is good for trips as it is really practical and easy to use. It has a battery slot as well as the backup. Almost similar to the Braun product mentioned above, the knife is quite sharp so that you don’t need to move it repeatedly. This best close electric shaver even gives a very satisfying result for removing all the bushy beard and mustache without taking too much time.

Philip Shaver PQ-206

The next is one of the best electric razors for men reviews for a product from Philip. This one is also recommended for you who look for a kind of qualified razors without spending too much money. The brand itself is indeed a leading in term of electronic devices. Then, it recently releases a shaver series with an ability to reduce the risk of making wounds.

There are basically two knives with floating design to make it safer when being applied as well as minimize the wound of scratches. Interestingly, this series is also travel-friendly for the battery slot available. The lack is probably that it can only be used well when your skin is wet. So, make sure to smear your face with warm water before starting to shave. This way, the pores are enlarged and they lessen the risk of skin irritation.

Panasonic ER2403K

One of the high-class series from Panasonic is presented through ER2403K. The knife is stainless steel and it can be set up easily to adapt the length of the beard. Next, the razor can just work automatically. There are some categories of beard length; they are 3 mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 15mm.

The series is designed in stylish and ergonomic shape. More than that, Panasonic ER2403K is also recommended for you who love varying the shape and length of your beard. Well, for you who always go to the barbershop for this matter, you can just now do it by yourself at home. Similar to the Braun’s product, the shaver works well in both dry and wet skin without the risk of a wound appearance.

Braun Shaver 3080s

This is reasonable to include this series to the list of the best electric shaver 2008. Why? Of course, it is for multiple benefits you can find by buying the product. The series of 3080s from Braun is good for any skin condition and even you don’t need to smear water or gel before. Sure, if you have a habit of using water and gel, it still works properly. It is very practical as it can automatically shave your beard with the ultimate length you have set up before.

Save your time more with this razor because you don’t need to repeat the movement. Although the knife directly touches your skin, it is still safe with satisfying results. Braun Shaver 3080s is rechargeable so make sure to know whether the power is full or not before it is applied.

Karui Electric Hair Clipper

This product from Karui is known for the waterproof feature. Besides, it is also not noisy even if you set it up into the full speed. The razor is equipped with an R-type safety blade to guarantee it to be safer and not scratching. The battery is durable enough as the device can be applied up to 50 minutes after the recharging.

The design is simple, elegant, and ergonomic. What makes this razor special is its ability to shave both beard and hair at once. There is also a clipping comb available to clip your hair during the hair shaver. Not only is it for men, the razor is good for children and it can also be women’s electric shaver best. How can it be? The electric razor has a soft and smooth surface so that it also matches well on the women’s skin that tends to be sensitive.

Nova Professional Trimmer OX-216

Another 2-in-1 shaver for men is released by Nova that you can see in the new electric razor commercial. Yes, it is a kind of shavers that can be used to shave beard and hair at once. It is very practical particularly for you who love conducting a trip. Rather than looking for a barber shop, it seems better for sure if you can just do all things by yourself.

Before operating the device, charge it at first or use a battery with AA series. There are options regarding the ways to recharge the power will ease you in doing this activity for sure. In term of performance, this is a kind of best electric shavers that can work faster with satisfying results without scratching your skin.

Philips Multi Grooming MG 110

Are you looking for an electric razor that works by adapting your face contour? Philips Multi Grooming MG 110 is designed to be matched well with your contour. Besides, it is also featured the technology of double blades to give neater and more perfect results. Then, the three combs available on the edge of razor are also able to shave the mustache of beard more precisely.

It is important to know also that this shaver is also easy to clean and dry. Therefore, it tends to be more durable. The design is simple and practical along with a rechargeable battery to ease you bring it when conducting a trip.

Wahl Professional 8061

Are you looking for a unisex razor that is good also for sensitive skin? If yes, this one is a good answer. The design is simple and compact just like the cigarette box with sharp double blades for cleaner and more satisfying results. Another key point is the Dynaflex cutting system to reach the harder area much more easily. Although the blades are sharp, they are placed properly to avoid it scratching your skin. It is safe anyway even for a very sensitive skin.

This series of best men shavers from Wahl is very easy to use. It is rechargeable and very lightweight. Therefore, the Wahl Professional 8061 is necessary for you who often conduct trips. How is about the price? You should not worry since this product is categorized as affordable razors. It means that you don’t need to spend more budgets for this.

Braun Series 7 790CC

One of the Braun Series 7 is recommended for all of you who look for a kind of premium razors. Compared to some other series even from the Braun itself, this one is indeed more innovative with some great features. It has foil and cutter for giving the perfect results. The blades provided have an ability to cut off the beard and even the hair until they are invisible for the length less than 0.05 mm. Well, the results also work well for bushy hair anyway.

This series can be used for any type of skin even if it is very sensitive. The proper placement of the blades is effective also to avoid them scratching your skin. Besides, its ability to move based on your face contour tends to give more optimum results. Braun Series 7 790CC has a very compact design so that it is ergonomic and comfortable to grab. The rechargeable device also makes you easier to bring it anywhere.

If you are still puzzled in choosing one of the 10 best shavers mentioned above, some other things can just be considered. It is including the budgets you have prepared for the Best electric shaver under 100 Lowest Price.

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